Customer Tube Amp Gallery

We would like to encourage our customers to share pictures of their tube amps with us. This might be an amazing inspiration for others. Here are a few we would like to share with you! Click on the picture to enlarge. If you like to share your pictures email us: , we will be happy to put your images online. For best results send us high-res images that are not post-processed. For some interesing 3D renderings visit our site 3D renderings.

U. Weidhase sent us pictures of his beautiful tube power amps. The large amp contains a F2a11 in a µ-follower circuit. For the first stage two C3m were used in a µ-follower circuit. For the 700 volts power supply a 5R4 tube rectifier was used. The brass cylinders cover MKV oil caps. The small power amp contains a EL84 in a µ-follower circuit. For the first stage a E83CC was chosen. A 5R4 tube rectifier provides 600 volts anode voltage.

Built by R. Hoffmann are these lovely classical monoblocks running on one 300B per channel. Tube rectifiers were used for the power supply. The beautiful panel meters on the front plate indicate anode current. Black transformer covers and the upper copper plate match nicely.

J. F. Palmeiro from Portugal sent us pictures of his large monoblocks. Each weights almost 40 kgs. Notice the amazing Audionote output transformer that is now hidden under one of our transformer covers.

Anton Mehl built a beautiful line stage for the 801/10, 26 and UX201 tubes according to a concept of Thomas Mayer. Owner is H. Prokopp who designed the tube amp. You can find more information on this project in this article (german). This is one of the most professional DIY amps we have seen. The enclosure is made of 4 mm and 3 mm thick chrome-plated copper. The wooden frame is made of ebony wood veneered maple. Congratulations! Visit Anton’s Homepage

K. Weilert ordered customized transformer cover. He applied mirrors on the front side. The covers are illuminated from the inside. We made the transformer covers out of solid aluminium blocks. In the nighttime they look beautiful. It’s an very unsual customization. Congratulations!